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About Us

Our Mission

Outpatient Detox specializes in personalized detoxification treatment for opiates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. We make it our top priority to keep the experience confidential, safe, and comfortable for each and every patient. Our physicians and staff take a one-on-one approach throughout the entire process. Outpatient Detox’s success is based on the success of our patients. We understand that our patients lead busy lives achieving their goals in the workplace and at home which is why Outpatient Detox offers the most comfortable and convenient programs available.

Our physicians successfully integrate Outpatient Detox’s treatment programs into patients’ schedules and work with patients to help maintain their normal lives with minimal disruption. Outpatient Detox understands that each patient is different and that is why our staff works tirelessly creating individualized treatment plans tailored to meet each patient’s every individual need. Our individualized detoxification treatment plans allow our patients to remain comfortable and continue with their everyday lives.

Treatment Programs

Private & Confidential

Outpatient Detox takes your privacy very seriously and goes far beyond the regulations to safeguard patient information. With our discreet locations and our commitment to your privacy, our treatment is completely confidential.

Stay at Home

Our Treatment only requires 1-2 visits per week that last approximately 25 minutes each. Patients are able to detox at home and does not require hospitalization or visits that last 3-4 hours per visit.

Keep Working

Outpatient Detox treatment is spread out over an extended period of time which allows a patient to detox without drastic change and harsh withdrawals that will appear when detox is attempted in a short period of time.

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