Alcohol Detox

Alcohol dependence or alcoholism is a very serious and widespread medical issue that can cause permanent physical damage to the body if it is not addressed and treated properly. When an individual experiences withdrawal symptoms from alcohol if he or she does not have a drink for any extended period of time, then an alcohol detox is necessary.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms:

    • anxiety
    • shakes or tremors
    • high blood pressure
    • headaches
    • nausea
    • seizures

Our alcohol withdrawal treatment is different from other programs because we treat our patients over an extended period of time so that each patient can safely and comfortably detox from alcohol at home without experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. Instead of placing patients in artificial environments, our program allows patients to live at home and teaches patients coping skills and techniques that they can currently apply in their everyday lives.

Our Alcohol detoxification treatment is typically 30 to 60 days from start to finish. An Alcohol detox program generally requires a total of 8 to 10 office visits.

Dr. Steven Scanlan talks about the Outpatient Detox Treatment process.

Private & Confidential

Outpatient Detox takes your privacy very seriously and goes far beyond the regulations to safeguard patient information. With our discreet locations and our commitment to your privacy, our treatment is completely confidential.

Stay at Home

Our Treatment only requires 1-2 visits per week that last approximately 25 minutes each. Patients are able to detox at home and does not require hospitalization or visits that last 3-4 hours per visit.

Keep Working

Outpatient Detox treatment is spread out over an extended period of time which allows a patient to detox without drastic change and harsh withdrawals that will appear when detox is attempted in a short period of time.

Outpatient Detox specializes in personalized detoxification treatment for opiates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines.

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