Closeup shot of many people clinking glasses with alcohol at a toast

Alcohol consumption surged during the pandemic and deaths followed

U.S. consumption of alcohol, which had already been increasing for years, accelerated during the pandemic as Americans grappled with stress and isolation. Rhode Island stand-up comedians Kirsten Logan and Frank Gazerro already drank plenty. The husband and wife were literally paid in drinks at nightclubs. Then came the pandemic. Logan, 35, drank over the stress

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Hand holding various medications

Benzodiazepine Abuse

Benzodiazepines, sometimes called benzos, are a type of medication known as tranquilizers. Familiar names include Valium and Xanax. These drugs slow down your central nervous system, cause sedation and muscle relaxation, and lower anxiety levels. Often used to treat anxiety or insomnia, they’re some of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S. But they

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Junkie sitting on the bed, withdrawal symptom

Benzo Withdrawal: What Are the Symptoms and How Long Do They Last?

Benzodiazepines (commonly known as “benzos”) can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions. This includes anxiety and panic disorders, alcohol use disorder, and insomnia (trouble sleeping). But in many cases, experts recommend limiting benzo use to just a few weeks. This is partly because long-term benzo use has been associated with negative effects,

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man drinking alcohol in the kitchen after work. Young man suffering from strong headache or migrain

Causes of Alcohol Withdrawal

If you drink alcohol heavily for weeks, months, or years, you may have both mental and physical problems when you stop or seriously cut back on how much you drink. This is called alcohol withdrawal. Symptoms can range from mild to serious. If you drink only once in a while, it’s unlikely that you’ll have

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Kratom powder and pills Mitragyna speciosa

Kratom’s path across the US is marked by deception and secrets

The kratom trail spanned thousands of miles before it ended inside Jeremy Franka’s Broward County home. Two bags of the substance were near the 35-year-old’s lifeless body in a backpack in his bedroom. One held 120 capsules of O.P.M.S. Silver, a popular kratom product that has been linked to multiple overdose deaths in Florida. The

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Top view of Kratom powder in ceramic spoon and Kratom capsules on wooden table

As dangerous kratom products go unregulated, lobbyists write the laws

Upstart companies around the country sell crushed kratom leaf, providing no clear dosing instructions or warnings about potential dangers. They don’t have to. As medical examiners log an increasing number of overdoses involving kratom across Florida and elsewhere, the industry has largely operated without government constraints or safety measures that could help protect consumers. Florida

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