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How Treatment Works

Our Treatment program begins the day you come in for the first visit. The initial visit will last approximately an hour to an hour in a half when the physician will perform an evaluation and a substance dependence assessment allowing the physician to create your personal treatment plan. Whether the evaluation is the start of our treatment or a referral to a program that will give you the care you need, our sole mission is to guide you into recovery.

Depending on the substance that is being detoxed, the schedule for follow-up visits will vary. During Treatment, follow-up visits will take place 1-2 times per week lasting between 20-30 minutes with both the doctor and staff to make the necessary adjustments to medication schedules.

Upon completion of the detox, we will continue to follow you for an additional extended period of time to help guide the transition on the right track. Programs will last between 60-90 days and possibly longer if needed.

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