Hundreds of deaths caused by the use of kratom in Florida

Hundreds died using kratom in Florida. It was touted as safe.
He was discovered in the early hours of the day, slumped on the couch with vomit staining his shirt and his face looking pale with eyes barely open. The paramedics were informed by a roommate who suspected that Jonathan Dampf had relapsed and overdosed on painkillers. However, this time it seemed that the 33-year-old had taken something new. Over ten years ago, Dampf had moved to Florida, consumed by addiction to alcohol and pills, or anything he could get his hands on. But after a few months, he managed to get clean and even became a prominent figure at his church’s recovery program in Fort Lauderdale. He also got married and had a daughter during this time. He was their everything, with his wife even saving his number in her phone as “Superman.” However, life’s strains became overwhelming. His daughter was born with a condition requiring constant care, his house needed repairs, and bills piled up. As a result, he fell into depression. Deciding to explore alternative options, he turned to kratom – a dusty green powder derived from the leaves of a Southeast Asian tree. Marketed as a natural substitute for opioids to alleviate anxiety, it was easily accessible at gas stations, cafes, smoke shops or online. He began using it regularly and continued to do so until paramedics were called to his home in April 2021.

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