Michael Lohan Fights to Help Drug Addicts

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, thinks drug addicts should be forced to take opiate-blocking drugs.

In a letter to President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, Lohan — a recovering addict and a counselor with the Long Island Teen Challenge rehabilitation program — wrote, “This epidemic is threatening our country far worse than the threat posed by Muslims trying to enter this country.”

“As a matter of fact, more people died this year alone due to drug use, alcoholism and the illegal things going on in the treatment industry than all the terroristic activities in the United States in the last 20 years,” wrote Michael Lohan, 56.

“All we’re doing is replacing illegal heroin sold by dealers with prescription heroin (Suboxone) written by doctors,” Lohan said. “Once they overdose, we hopefully bring them back to life with Narcan.” Then the addicts start abusing drugs again.

The best treatment is Naltrexone, a proven opiate- and alcohol-blocker, Lohan said. “Has the government ever even considered making compounds like Naltrexone mandatory as part of treatment plans? No!”

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