What is Substance Abuse?

Every day individuals are taking substances in ways that differ from the substances’ intended uses. Commonly overlooked until negative consequences appear, Substance abuse is the misuse of a substance.

Forms of substance abuse are:

  • Using prescription drugs without a prescription
  • administering substances in an unintended manner
  • using more than the recommended or prescribed amount of a substance
  • co-ingesting a substance with other drugs or alcohol
  • taking a substance to experience its intoxicating effects

While individuals abusing substances may experience euphoria, relaxation or a false sense of comfort for short periods of time, substance abusers will ultimately experience long lasting negative effects as a result of their substance misuse.

Causes of Substance Abuse include:

  • Self Medicating
  • Genetics
  • peer pressure
  • stress
  • sleep problems

These are just a few of the many reasons that cause individuals to begin to misuse a substance. Regardless of the reason the triggered the substance’s misuse, the extended misuse of the substance will develop into abusive behaviors that are uncontrollable. Over time, the desirable effects of using the substance will decrease and the mental and physical desire to once again experience those desirable effects will become overpowering.

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